Keynote Lecture (I) – Early Childhood Mental Health: New Sciences, Paradigms & Policies

主題演講(一)- 促進兒童早期精神健康的新科學知識及政策範式

Presentation Slides of Professor Frank Oberklaid

Video of Professor Frank Oberklaid’s Presentation


Keynote Lecture (II) – Policies and Practices to Address the Needs of Highly Vulnerable Young Children and Their Families

主題演講(二)- 支援身處弱勢環境的幼兒和家庭之政策發展及服務介入

Presentation Slides of Dr. Lenette Azzi-Lessing

Video of Dr. Lenette Azzi-Lessing’s Presentation


Keynote Lecture (III) – Reflective Parenting & Relationship-based Mental Health of the Early YearsPlay-based Responsive Parenting

主題演講(三)- 反思式教養 -「關係為本」促進幼兒精神健康的介入

Presentation Slides of Dr. Regina Pally

Video of Dr. Regina Pally’s Presentation


Lunch Webinar – Experience Sharing on “Healthy Families New York (HFNY)”

Presentation Slides of Dr. Margaret Gullick & Dr. Kristen Kirkland 

Video of Dr. Margaret Gullick & Dr. Kristen Kirkland’s Presentation


Plenary Lecture (I) – From Panic to Success: Insights into the Challenges Children Face in the COVID-19 Era

專題演講(一)-新冠疫情對香港兒童及家庭福祉的影響:Project Success的經驗分享

Presentation Slides of Dr. Patrick Ip

Video of Dr. Patrick Ip’s Presentation


Plenary Lecture (II) – The Importance of Fostering Socio-Emotional Wellbeing of Early Childhood

專題演講(二)- 促進兒童早期社交情緒發展的重要性

Presentation Slides of Professor Kevin Chung Kien-hoa

Video of Professor Kevin Chung Kien-hoa’s Presentation


Concurrent Session A – The Role of Physical Activity and Nutrition in Promoting Emotional Wellbeing of Young Children


Video of presentations of Concurrent Session A


The Role of Physical Activity in Promoting Emotional Wellbeing of Young Children


Presentation Slides of Dr. Lobo Louie Hung-tak


The Impact of Nutrition on Mental Well-being in Children


Presentation Slide of Mr. Gordon Cheung Chi-leung



Concurrent Session B – Early Years Learning & Social Emotional Development


Video of presentations of Concurrent Session B


Experience Sharing on “3Es: Early Prevention, Early Identification and Early Intervention: A School-Based Support Model of Social-Emotional Development for Kindergarten Children”


Presentation Slide of Mr. Ryan Cheung Yat-ming


Experience Sharing on Promoting Executive Function in Young Children through Play


Presentation Slide of Dr. Rhoda Wang Kuan-yun

Presentation Slide of Ms. Ivy Hou Hoi-ling


Concurrent Session C – Parenting Paradigm Shift in Promoting Responsive Caregiving & Parents Emotional Wellness



Caregivers’ Role in Young Child Emotional Regulation


Presentation Slide of Dr. Joyce Mok Wing-si


Evaluation of an attachment-based parenting program with language facilitation training for parents of preschoolers with suspected developmental needs


Presentation Slide of Ms. Ring Ng Wing-kam, Ms. Vanessa Ho Lok-yin & Ms. Sarah Chan Chui-kiu



Concurrent Session D – Safeguarding Children – Trauma-Informed Care & Practice



Application of “HOME Inventory” (The Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment) in fostering a safe & secure familial environment in early intervention projects & validation of the Chinese version of the inventory for use with Hong Kong Chinese families

實務分享 – 應用實証為本『兒家、宜居家庭環境觀察量表』(HOME Inventory)塑造有利兒童健康成長的安全環境

Presentation Slide of Ms. Kelly Chung Yee-ping