Concurrent Workshop 分組工作坊


A. Secure Attachment – Cornerstone of Early Child Development  



Building Secure Parent-Child Attachment: The Circle of Security


Presentation Slides of Dr Joyce Mok


Play-based Responsive Parenting


Presentation Slides of Ms. Kelly Chung


B. Executive Function & Early Years Learning  



Presentation Slides of Ms. Rhoda Wang
Video of Ms. Rhoda Wang’s Presentation


Presentation Slides of Ms. Michelle Kwan and Ms. Ivy Hou
Video of Ms. Michelle Kwan’s Presentation
Video of Ms. Ivy Hou’s Presentation


Presentation Slides of Ms. Clara Yuen


C. Child-Focused Protection & Intervention for Children from Disadvantaged Circumstances and Internalizing Problems  



Presentation Slides of Prof. Rainbow Ho
Video of Prof. Rainbow Ho’s Presentation


Presentation Slides of Ms. Sammy Lam and Ms. Carol Lo
Video of Ms. Sammy Lam’s Presentation


Plenary Session 專題演講 


Plenary Lecture (I) 專題演講(一)

Supporting Schools and Families to Promote the Development of Children 



Presentation Slide of Prof. Cynthia Leung


Plenary Lecture (II) 專題演講(二)

Child Rearing Beliefs & Parenting: Paradigm Shift in the New Era 

育兒信念和教養方式 – 範式傳承與轉移


Presentation Slides of Prof. Lam Ching Man
Video of Prof. Lam’s Presentation


Keynote Lecture 主題演講 


Keynote Lecture (I) 主題演講(一)

Insights from Neuroscience on Early Childhood Development & Intervention 



Presentation Slides of Dr. Patrick Ip
Video of Dr. Patrick Ip’s Presentation


Keynote Lecture (II) 主題演講(二)

The Role of Assessment in Early Language and Literacy Instruction 



Presentation Slide of Dr. Lisa Rosen
Video of Dr. Lisa Rosen’s Presentation


Special Talk 專題演講 


Special Talk (I) 專題演講(一)

Young Children’s Mathematical Learning: Connecting Research and Practice 



Presentation Slide of Prof. Susan Levine
Video of Prof. Susan Levine’s Presentation


Special Talk (II) 專題演講(二)

Developing Young Children’s STEM Thinking Skills 



Presentation Slide of Dr. Lindsey Richland
Video of Dr. Lindsey Richland’s Presentation